Cerakote ™ is an alternate option for making your favorite gun even better. At Color and Camo graphics we use Cerakote ™ gun coatings to compliment our hydro-graphic dipping process or to create a solid color option for our customers that will last a lifetime.


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About Cerakote ™ Gun Coatings

Cerakote ™ is a ceramic based coating that was created by NIC Industries, Inc. This product can be applied to most materials including metal, wood, polymers and plastics. Cerakote ™ enhances the lifetime of your gun by improving the following characteristics:

  • • Abrasion and wear resistance
  • • Corrosion resistance
  • • Chemical resistance
  • • Hardness and impact strength

NIC Industries uses the most recent technologies available to test their products and stay ahead of their competitors.

Cerakote ™ Gun Coatings Process

At Color and Camo Graphics we use the following process when decorating your firearms:

Step 1 – Catalog the item and verify functionality

  • The item being decorated is checked into our facility and logged into our FFL log book.
  • A customer number is assigned and attached to all articles belonging to the customer.
  • Our staff verifies that the item is functioning as expected.

Step 2 – Disassemble

  • The item is disassembled and each piece tagged with the customer number.
  • Parts that will not be taken through the process are placed in a assigned customer bin until the process is completed.

Step 3 – Preparation

  • If any part of the item will not be decorated, it is masked off or plugged to protect from all remaining steps.
  • Items that will be decorated are then treated in a acetone degreaser and allowed to air dry.
  • Items are then sand blasted using an approved media that will not damage the surface of the item.
  • Items are cleaned using compressed air to remove all media from the blasting process.
  • Items are jigged, placed into the oven, and heated to release any contaminants that could affect the application of Cerakote ™.

Step 4 – Cerakote ™ is applied

  • Cerakote ™ is mixed using the appropriate ratio’s to create the desired finish and durability.
  • Cerakote ™is the sprayed onto the item to a thickness of not more than one one-thousandth of an inch.

Step 5 – Curing

  • The item is then cured in the oven at the appropriate temperature and time necessary for the item.

Step 6 – Finalizing the product

  • After the items have cooled, they are reassembled and functionality tested once again.
  • The customer is contacted to schedule return shipment, the item is checked out of our facility and shipped via UPS.


Cerakote ™ Corrosion Test Data Video


Cerakote ™ Abrasion Test Data Video