Q: Is your process the same as hunting equipment manufactures?

A: Yes, we use the same process. (The process is often referred to as Hydrographic Printing, Cubic Printing, Camo Dipping, Immersion Printing, Water Transfer Printing, etc…) The film that we use for our camo dip is the same film from the same manufactures. We apply a high quality clear coat after we have applied the camo dip, which makes our products last longer and more durable to the elements.

Q: What types of material can you camo dip?

A: We can dip just about anything you can think of that is made out of a solid material. We often are asked if we can dip wood stocks, blued barrels, stainless steel, synthetic stocks, etc… Yes we can!

Q: Will the finished product hold up to the elements?

A: Yes after we have printed you favorite pattern we apply automotive quality clear coats to ensure that your piece will not fade, scratch or be damaged through normal wear and tear.

Q: How do I pay for my services?

A: We accept Money Orders, Personal Checks or Credit Card. We will contact you prior to shipping the product back to finalize payment if you pay with a credit card.

Q: Can you remove previous camo dip, paint, dip kit or other finish?

A: Yes we can, we completely remove all previous finishes before applying our products.

Q: How do I maintain my gun after camo dip?

A: All parts that have been finished by our process will only need to be wiped down by a damp cloth. The inside of the barrel and other interior parts will still need to be maintained as you always have.

Q: Why do I need a waiver to have my scope dipped?

A: While we have an extremely high success rate with dipping scopes, we have experienced failures of the scope that result in water seeping in or fogging of the lenses. We typically have only seen this problem on less expensive models.

Q: Do I need to take my gun to an FFL to ship it?

A: No, Color and Camo has a FFL and it is legal to ship your gun directly to us. We will ship it back to you after the process with adult signature required. Refer to our shipping guidelines for how to ship.

Shipping Information

Q: Does the shop where I send my gun have to have there FFL?

A: Yes! Accoring to ATF Rut. 2009-1, any person or business that is conducting business in the firaems coatings, engraving or exterior alterations must have FFL 01, 03 or 07 classification. A business that is conducting these services without an FFL is doing it illegally.

  • ATF Rut. 2009-1
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • Any person who is engaged in the business of camouflaging or engraving firearms as described in this ruling must be licensed as a dealer, which includes a gunsmith, under the Gun Control Act. Performing a cosmetic process or activity, such as camouflaging, that primarily adds to or changes the appearance or decoration of a firearm is not manufacturing. Unlike manufacturing processes that primarily enhance a firearm’s durability, camouflaging is primarily cosmetic. Likewise, external engravings are cosmetic in nature and primarily affect only the appearance of a firearm. Held, any person who engages in an activity or process that primarily adds to or changes a firearm’s appearance by camouflaging the firearm by painting, dipping, or applying tape does not need to be licensed as a manufacturer under the Gun Control Act.

Q: How long will it take to get my product back?

A: It really depends. We are a preferred shop by many people which results in a great deal of business. Our times differ depending on the time of the year. For an accurate estimate please call or email us.

Q: What if I don’t see the pattern I am looking for?

A:  Always give us a call if you don’t see what you are looking for. While most patterns that we stock on a regular basis are on the website, we don’t list everything. We can also do special orders, however there will be an additional cost applied to the order.