Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I ship my package?
A: Ship to: Color and Camo Graphics, Inc.
1370 N 1403rd Ln
Fowler IL 62338
The Boaz KY address is no longer valid.

Q: What is the current turnaround time?
A: Our current turnaround time is always listed on the main page of our site. The time will vary at different times of the year depending on how busy we are.

Q: What is the disassembly / re-assembly charge for?
A: Firearms and other items that we camo, have to be completely taken apart to be colored. In the case of a shotgun, the stock and forearm must be removed as well as the trigger mechanism and choke and any other removable parts.

Q: Do I get a discount for sending more than one gun?
A: We normally start giving discounts when a person sends four or more guns in at one time. Usually, it is 10% off your bill, except for the shipping portion.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: Yes, we warranty our finish for normal wear and peeling, for one year from the date of purchase. We do not warranty against misuse and/or improper care.

Q: Do I need to prep my piece before I ship it?
A: No, part of our process includes all preparation that the piece will need.

Q: Do I pay for the work up front, or when it’s done?
A: Either will be acceptable, however, if you are going to pay up front, be sure that you have added all the charges properly. Most customers prefer to be contacted when the piece is finished, so that we can provide them a total.

Q: Do you sell guns/ammo?
A: We do not keep guns or ammo in stock, but will gladly order them for our local customers if the items are available. We also transfer firearms from other dealers for our local customers for a fee of $10.00 each.

Q: What should I use to clean my piece with after camo has been applied?
A: Normally, just a damp rag will take care of anything on the outside. Harsh chemicals like GunScrubber will damage the finish. If in doubt, test a small area with your cleaner before applying it to the entire surface.

Q: What does it cost to have my gun dipped?
A: Our price list is kept current. At times there may be an item which is not listed. If that should be the case, please contact us for more information.

Q: What are your business hours?
A: Our business hours are Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. However, it is always a good idea to call first before driving out. If there is no answer, leave us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Q: What does ‘no warranty’ on some items mean?
A: No warranty means that either there are parts that may rub against one another causing the camo pattern to be damaged, or that the item was not meant to be submerged in water and if it leaks because of this, we will not repair or replace it. The customer assumes all risk when having these pieces processed.